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Emacs Lisp
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My emacs config files with plugins. Fast and multiple languages supported.

Suported Languages

  • C/C++ (with auto-complete-clang-async smart-compile header-auto-complete)
  • Python (with highlight-indentation and jedi support)
  • Scheme (from cmu-scheme and yinwang's config)
  • MarkDown (via markdown-mode)
  • Go (via go-mode)
  • Web (html js css, via web-mode)


  • guile (for scheme)
  • clang and clang-complete (for auto-complete in c)
  • gcc, g++
  • ipython (optional, for run python programs)
  • virtualenv (for jedi install)
  • etc.


plugins are included in .emacs.d/plugins and .emacs.d/lisp

  • a light weight c header file auto-complete mode.

    based on's sematic include plugin, removed sematic require.

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