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Step 4: Next Steps

Now that you have a working mobile Chrome App, there are lots of ways to improve the experience on mobile devices.

manifest.json and

Possible values for manifest.json:

  • name: Full name of application
  • description: Maps to Cordova's <description> tag
  • author: Maps to Cordova's <author> tag
  • short_name: E.g. used on app's launcher icon
  • icons: See below.
  • version: Should be in the form "x.y.z". Used to generate Android versionCode and iOS CFBundleVersion
  • permissions: List of APIs that will be used (e.g. "identity"), as well as URL patterns to allow network access to.
  • oauth2: Used when including the identity plugin
  • bluetooth: used when includeing the bluetooth plugin
  • key: Used when using the identity plugin

Possible values for

  • Any value from manifest.json can appear in, and will take precedence.
  • Most settings (such as name, icons) can be set on a per-platform bases via:
    "android": {
      "name": "value1"
    "ios": {
      "name": "value2"
  • webview: Android only. Can be "system" or "crosswalk" (default)
    • This can also be set with the --webview command-line flag
    • To use a specific version of crosswalk, value can be "crosswalk@##", where ## is the version.
  • packageId: Used as the packageId on Android, and the CFBundleIdentifier on iOS.
  • csp: When set, overrides the default Content-Security-Policy for apps
  • cspUnsafeEval: Allow eval within Content-Security-Policy (default: false)
  • cspUnsafeInline: Allow inline scripts within Content-Security-Policy (default: false)
  • versionCode: Android only. Sets the base versionCode (rather than deriving one from version)
  • minSdkVersion: Android only. Sets the minSdkVersion.
    • This can also be set with the --android-minSdkVersion command-line flag
  • targetSdkVersion: Android only. Sets the targetSdkVersion.
  • androidTheme: Android only. E.g. "@android:style/Theme.Translucent"

More about Icons

Mobile apps need a few more icon resolutions than desktop Chrome Apps.

For Android, these sizes are needed:

  • 36px, 48px, 78px, 96px

For iOS apps, the required sizes differ depending on whether you support iOS 6 vs iOS 7+. The minimum number of icons required are:

  • iOS 6: 57px, 72px, 114px, 144px
  • iOS 7+: 76px, 120px, 152px, 180px

A complete icon list would look like this in your manifest.json file:

"icons": {
  "16": "assets/icons/icon16.png",
  "36": "assets/icons/icon36.png",
  "48": "assets/icons/icon48.png",
  "57": "assets/icons/icon57.png",
  "72": "assets/icons/icon72.png",
  "76": "assets/icons/icon76.png",
  "78": "assets/icons/icon78.png",
  "96": "assets/icons/icon96.png",
  "114": "assets/icons/icon114.png",
  "120": "assets/icons/icon120.png",
  "128": "assets/icons/icon128.png",
  "144": "assets/icons/icon144.png",
  "152": "assets/icons/icon152.png"
  "180": "assets/icons/icon180.png"

To have platform-specific icons, add the key to your

"android": {
    "icons": {
    "icons": {

The icons will be copied to the appropriate places for each platform every time you run cca prepare.

For a good overview and examples of common problems with resizing icons, read this answer on the Graphic Design Stack Exchange.

Splash Screens

Apps on iOS show a brief splash screen as the app is loading. A set of default Cordova splash screens are included in platforms/ios/[AppName]/Resources/splash.

The sizes needed are:

  • 320px x 480px + 2x
  • 768px x 1024px + 2x (iPad portrait)
  • 1024px x 768px + 2x (iPad landscape)
  • 640px x 1146px

Splash screen images are not currently modified by cca.

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