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Python 0 130


forked from django-pci/django-axes

Keep track of failed login attempts in Django-powered sites.

Updated Jul 6, 2015

Python 0 336


forked from mariocesar/sorl-thumbnail

The original and the best

Updated May 3, 2013

Python 1 59


forked from jgorset/fandjango

Fandjango makes it easy to create Facebook applications with Django.

Updated Mar 8, 2013

Python 0 8


forked from bulkan/django-sqlpaginator

Paginate raw sql queries using LIMIT and OFFSET. It also supports ORDER BY queries with direction

Updated Feb 7, 2013

Python 3 5


forked from vkuzma/django-minidetector

Django middleware and view decorator to detect phones and small-screen devices

Updated Oct 3, 2012

JavaScript 1 92


forked from jazzband/django-dbtemplates

Django template loader for database stored templates with extensible cache backend

Updated Mar 25, 2012

Python 1 9


forked from jgorset/django-shortcuts

You spend way too much time typing "python"

Updated Nov 30, 2011

Python 1 76


forked from directeur/django-sorting

Like ericflo's django pagination, but this one does the sorting! used with ericflo's pagination, displaying tabular paginated and sortable data is very easy!

Updated Nov 22, 2011

Python 1 632


forked from django-extensions/django-extensions

This is a repository for collecting global custom management extensions for the Django Framework.

Updated Oct 29, 2011

Python 1 332


forked from carltongibson/django-filter

A generic system for filtering Django QuerySets based on user selections

Updated Mar 10, 2011

Python 1 20


forked from vinod85/pygmail

Python Gmail Library

Updated Jul 28, 2010

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