A collection of agreed upon terminology to presented to end users
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A collection of agreed upon terminology to presented to end users

The following is dump of working session held at the GnuPG summit, April 19, 2015

Here are the recommended end-user facing terms "If you are going to expose these terms to the users (which is definitely not mandatory), which terms shall they be?"


  • do it for any language

  • how do we maintain this doc ? (github repo using markdown on modernpgp)

  • doing user test cases on those terms could be great

  • for each term, put a precise english description of it.

  • put a "ranking" on those terms to say whether they better be exposed to the user or definitely not

  • also write down the horrible terms we should definitely NOT use, to remember we expelled them

  • other (non PGP specific) security & privacy icons under development - https://github.com/opensourcedesign/icons

English, 2015 pgp meeting, Dreieich

PGP vs OpenPGP vs GPG vs...

Headers / protected headers

Smartcard / Hardware token

Key capabilities / Key usage

Keyring / Contacts

Fingerprint / Key Address

strong discussion, key Maybe "Verification Code" ?

How to visualise a valid signature with expired key

Refresh / Upload / Update


Certificate / Key / Key block

Key owner Trust / identity Validity

Private / Secret Key

replace it by "my key" and "your key" (or equivalent) ??

Passphrase / Password

password, because people should use phrases as password anyway, so better stick with password, that is everywhere people should use phrases "Mantra" (blacklist)

Keyserver / Cloud

Encryption / Protection

Not Trusted / Expiry / Revoked

Key Size / Algorithm / Strength

Signed / Certified / Authenticated / Untampered

UserID / Identity

Exportable Certificate

User Verification / Key Verification / Key-User assignement

What about "Identity confirmation" or "Confirm Identity" ?

We put the following terms to Blacklist

inline-pgp / pgp-mime short key-id / long key-id / key-i


(just saying a padlock shall be shown WIDE OPEN, not "slightly" )


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