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Test for CSS3 UI "resize" property #221

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This three-line change adds a test for the "resize" property from CSS3 UI.

@paulirish paulirish closed this in fd2269c
@phistuck phistuck referenced this pull request from a commit
PhistucK add css resize test. fixes #221 9281211
@patrickkettner patrickkettner referenced this pull request from a commit in patrickkettner/Modernizr
@paulirish paulirish add css resize test. fixes #221 dd6d760
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Commits on Mar 11, 2011
  1. test for CSS3 UI "resize" property

    Marek Stępień authored
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7 modernizr.js
@@ -529,6 +529,13 @@ window.Modernizr = (function(window,document,undefined){
+ tests['cssresize'] = function() {
+ // Test for CSS 3 UI "resize" property
+ //
+ return test_props_all( 'resize' );
+ };
tests['csstransforms'] = function() {
return !!test_props([ 'transformProperty', 'WebkitTransform', 'MozTransform', 'OTransform', 'msTransform' ]);
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