A set of inkscape extensions to apply a boolean operation on multiple shapes at once
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Fork of Ryan Lerch's multiple-difference Inkscape extension.

A set of three inkscape extensions to apply

  • Path -> Difference
  • Path -> Cut Path
  • Path -> Division

on multiple selected paths or shapes at once.

The topmost object is used to cut / divide / do a difference on each selected object below.

In contrast to the standard operations, it keeps the topmost object.


Copy the *.py and *.inx files into the directory indicated in Edit -> Preferences -> System: User extensions


Select all objects (paths or shapes only!) that you want to use the extension with, then go to Extensions -> Boolean -> Multiple Cut / Multiple Difference / Multiple Division. Done!

Known Issues:

  • Does not give any error messages.
  • Does not recurse into groups.
  • Is probably slow on large files, as it replaces the file's contents by the contents of an edited temporary file.


GPLv2 or later (see https://github.com/ryanlerch/inkscape-extension-multiple-difference/issues/1#issuecomment-178285798)