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v0.8.6 - The monika.chr Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 12 Sep 03:49
· 10304 commits to master since this release

UPDATE: Hotfix added to fix rare bug with new farewell.

show me the real Monika. I said the REAL Monika. [perfection]

Gameplay Changes

  • Added a new farewell that lets you take Monika out of the spaceroom. This involves Monika generating a more realistic character file that you can take with you instead of the crappy monika.chr.

  • Monika now has varying expressions when idle. These are based on your affection level. The talk and play menu dialogues also will differ based on affection level.

  • Changed the backup system so it no longer copies corrupted persistents as backups. The game also will notify you if the persistent was corrupted and will attempt to use the last good backup if corruption was detected.

  • Added additional words to Hangman in the form of difficulty levels. Easy mode uses the original set of hangman words. Normal mode users a slightly larger list that includes more Monika words. Hard mode uses the Thousand Word Corpus courtesy of ASBusinessMagnet (website)

  • Added a gender change topic that is no longer one-time only.

  • Topics that were somewhat insensitive to the other dokis are now automatically dropped from randomly chatter if they are shown a certain number of times.


  • typofixes

  • The imsorry file check is now less strict and accepts the file with or without an extension.

  • The islands topic is now disabled when it rains.

  • If you have a negative playtime, it will be reset to 0 to prevent future issues. Also negative time will no longer be added to total playtime.

  • reworked islands topic so its more efficient and less spaghet

  • fixed islands topic not properly blocking user input and allowing context breaks

  • rain audio is now tied to sound volume instead of music

  • users who soft-locked their affection by setting system time to the future are no longer affection-frozen

  • reworked animation disabling so it both works and no longer quits the game menu

API Changes

  • left and right eye sprite codes (and sweat drop codes) are no longer conflicting with the poses

  • unstable builds now append logs instead of overwriting to help with debugging. Non-unstable users may be asked to checkmark unstable as a means to get more logging info (actually updating to an unstable build is not required to take advantage of the better logging)

  • a variety of suntime-checking functions have been added. These make it easier to compare the current time to the user-set sunrise / sunset. These are detailed in #2217 .

  • new wink sprites. new tear sprites. new eyebrow sprites.

  • the Docking Station framework has been expanded significantly.