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Montmere Limited

Montmere Limited

Python 0 11


forked from kvesteri/sqlalchemy-utils

Various utility functions and datatypes for SQLAlchemy.

Updated April 05, 2014

Python 0 28


forked from braintree/braintree_python

braintree python client library

Updated March 05, 2014

Python 0 3


forked from jexhson/python-crack

CPython extension providing Python binding for cracklib library

Updated February 17, 2014

JavaScript 0 1,329


forked from cdnjs/cdnjs

Our goal is to operate this CDN in a peer reviewed fashion.

Updated February 15, 2014

Objective-C 0 41


forked from antxman/phonegap-estimotebeacons

Estimote iBeacons PhoneGap plugin

Updated February 10, 2014

Python 0 53


forked from dokterbob/django-newsletter

An email newsletter application for the Django web application framework, including an extended admin interface, web (un)subscription, dynamic e-mail templates, an archive and HTML email support.

Updated February 01, 2014

Python 1 0


Git fork of django-lean. Works with python3 and django 1.6

Updated February 01, 2014

Python 0 40


forked from codekoala/django-tracking

ATTENTION: I have disowned this project. See | django-tracking is a simple attempt at keeping track of visitors to Django-powered Web sites. It also offers basic blacklisting capabilities.

Updated January 24, 2014

Python 0 52


forked from bernardopires/django-tenant-schemas

Tenant support for Django using PostgreSQL schemas.

Updated October 14, 2013

Python 2 25


forked from philippWassibauer/django-threaded-messages

Rewrite of django-messages to support Facebook-style threaded messaging

Updated March 12, 2013

JavaScript 1 11


forked from dumb906/tiote

django database management

Updated July 22, 2012


forked from imhotep/incubator-cordova-android

Mirror of Apache Cordova Android

Updated July 20, 2012

Python 1 222


forked from mariocesar/sorl-thumbnail

The original and the best

Updated July 04, 2012


forked from ZF-Commons/ZfcUser

A generic user registration and authentication module for ZF2. Supports Zend\Db and Doctrine2. (Formerly EdpUser)

Updated May 17, 2012


forked from doctrine/DoctrineORMModule

Zend Framework 2 Module for Doctrine ORM

Updated April 08, 2012


forked from zendframework/zf2

Clone of the Zend Framework 2.0 git repository

Updated March 22, 2012


ZF 1 mirror with stripped tags

Updated March 04, 2012

Objective-C 1 1,476


forked from RestKit/RestKit

RestKit is a framework for consuming and modeling RESTful web resources on iOS and OS X

Updated February 25, 2012

JavaScript 1 0


A clone of fancybox

Updated January 29, 2012


forked from masterexploder/PHPThumb

PHP Thumbnail & Image Manipulation Library - NEED A NEW MAINTAINER, please contact me if you're interested

Updated January 27, 2012

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