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A bot for Discord written in python that does a number of things.
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PedantBot v2.0

async def welcome(message,*args):'{user} wants to view the GitHub repository'.format(
  await client.send_message(, 'Come find out about me at:')



Prefix: \
USAGE: \command <required> [optional]
For more details: \help [command]

Add to your server



Command Parameters Description
avatar @<mention user> Display a user's avatar
bigger <custom server emoji> Display a larger image of the specified emoji
elijah elijah wood
grid <x> <y> Display a custom-size grid made of server custom emoji
random Retrieve a random WikiPedia article
quote [quote id] Embed a quote from
showemoji Displays all available custom emoji in this server
shrug Send a shrug: mobile polyfill
woop fingers or something
wrong Send the WRONG! image
thyme Send some thyme to your friends
vote "<vote question>" <emoji> Initiate a vote using Discord Message Reactions.


Command Parameters Description
help [command name] Display help message(s), optionally append command name for specific help
age Get user's Discord age
cal Displays a formatted calendar
remindme `in [secs mins
editreminder ` <message timestamp> [data]`
cancelreminder <reminder id> Cancel an existing reminder
define <term> Search for a wikipedia page and show summary
invite List active invite link for the current server
maths <expression> Perform mathematical calculation


Command Parameters Description
oauth [OAuth client ID] [server ID] Get OAuth invite link
ping [<host> [count]] Test latency by receiving a ping message
test [list of parameters] Print debug output


Command Parameters Description
bannedusers List users that have been banned from this server
ban @<mention users> Bans the specified user from the server
channels [server ID] Displays a list of channels and servers currently available
ip Looks up external IP of the host machine
kick @<mention users> Kicks the specified user from the server
perms List permissions available to this bot
ranks Displays a list of ranks in the server
restart Restart the bot
sendmsg <channel> <content> Harness the power of Discord
servers Lists servers currently connected
speedtest Run a speedtest from the bot's LAN.
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