An open source kernel and OS for music production
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A general purpose open source kernel and operating system with a special interest for music production and multimedia applications.

It's released under GPLv3, check it out at

Get more information at


You should only need to check that the configuration meets your testing environment and run make. If all goes well, a file called tofus should appear right there. You can copy it wherever you like and add it to your multiboot-compliant bootloader. I like GNU GRUB, hence here's the relevant entry:

title tOfuS
root (hdX,Y)          # read GRUB's manual, it's not that hard :-)
kernel /path/to/tofus

If you're testing tOfuS with QEMU (or other similar tools) you may need to reinstall GRUB every time you update the kernel image--as far as I can tell, something is getting cached and you need to flush it.