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devjgm commented Jan 20, 2020

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I'd like the source code to be automatically clang-formatted according to my settings anytime the code is compiled. That is, don't require me to use the contextual menu or keyboard shortcut to format the code. Just auto-format it; just like the code is auto-compiled too.

Well, ther

🌿 基于springboot的快速学习示例,整合自己遇到的开源框架,如:rabbitmq(延迟队列)、Kafka、jpa、redies、oauth2、swagger、jsp、docker、spring-batch、异常处理、日志输出、多模块开发、多环境打包、缓存cache、爬虫、jwt、GraphQL、dubbo、zookeeper和Async等等📌

  • Updated Aug 30, 2020
  • Java
mmcloughlin commented Jan 7, 2019

We are reliant primarily on the examples for testing at this point. It would be good to "stress" the allocator because I would be (pleasantly) surprised if it's bug-free.

  • More extensive unit testing
  • Integration test under tests/ that (for example) uses the max number of registers of a given kind and confirms the register allocator doesn't fall over
  • More specifically, handling of "cast

MOVED TO: SEE README. x86 IA-32 and x86-64 userland minimal examples tutorial. Hundreds of runnable asserts. Nice GDB setup. IO done with libc, so OS portable in theory. NASM and GAS covered. Tested in Ubuntu 18.04. Containers (ELF), linking, calling conventions. System land cheat at:, ARM cheat at:

  • Updated Jun 25, 2019
  • Assembly

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