Translate string formatting into Python 3.6-style string interpolation F-strings
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Translate string formatting into string interpolation

Python 3.6 introduces F-strings as a new way of doing string formatting.

Instead of writing this:

def say(greeting='hello', target='world'):
    print('%s, %s!' % (greeting.title(), target))

... you can now write this:

def say(greeting='hello', target='world'):
    print(f'{greeting.title()}, {target}!')

This project provides automatic translation of old %-style formatting to the new string interpolation method using F-strings.

Editor integration

If you use Vim, then simply source the fstrings.vim file. Select a set of lines (with V) and press = to update the selection.

If you use another editor, you can invoke the script as follows:

python3.6 40 50 < >

This parses all of and outputs just lines 40-50 to