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KosherCocoa is library that allows you to use sunrise, sunset, Jewish holidays, and other Hebrew calendar calculations in your app.


KosherCocoa offers seven distinct features, each provided by a set of classes in the library. They are:

  • Sunrise/Sunset - When the sun rises and sets at a given latitude, longitude, and altitude.
  • Zmanim - Shema, Zman Tefila, Chatzos, and more.
  • Zmanim Metadata - How each zman is calculated, related zmanim, and the calculation's name in Hebrew, English, and two flavors of transliterated English. (Help translate this into other spoken languages.)
  • Parashat Hashavua - Weekly torah portion, with schedules for Israel and Chul.
  • Sefira - The omer count between Passover and Shavuot.
  • Daf Yomi - The daily talmud study program followed by thousands of Jews worldwide.
  • Chagim - When Jewish holidays fall.

Setting it up:

Clone into the repository.

Drag the KosherCocoa Xcode project into your own and add KosherCocoa framework as a dependency.

CocoaPods: KosherCocoa supports CocoaPods as of version 3.0.2. Add the following line to your podfile:

'KosherCocoa', '~> 3.6.0'

Technical Requirements:

The latest version of KosherCocoa has been developed with the iOS 9 SDK and Xcode 8. To use the Framework, you'll need to target iOS 8 or higher, macOS 10.11 or higher, tvOS 9.0 or higher, or watchOS 2.0 or higher.

Using KosherCocoa:

Read the documentation or poke around the file headers.


If you'd like to help localize this framework so users of other languages can benefit from this, please see this issue.


KosherCocoa is hereby released under the modified LGPL License, version 2.1. See the full text of the license on the GNU website.

Please let me know if you're using the KosherCocoa framework in your app!


My Objective-C port of KosherJava. KosherCocoa enables you to perform sunrise-based and sunset-based calculations for Jewish prayer and calendar.





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