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Objective-C builds on the foundations of ANSI C. Compared to other object-oriented languages based on C, Objective-C is very dynamic. Dynamism enables the construction of sophisticated development tools. Since Objective-C incorporates C, one gets all the benefits of C when working within Objective-C.

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ian-twilightcoder commented Dec 30, 2019

I'd like there to be an option to have code blocks be line wrapped. Maybe a check box for it in Rendering -> "Syntax highlighted code block" next to "Show line numbers" etc.?

If I try hard enough I can dig through the css files in Contents/Resources/Prism/themes and change "white-space: pre;" to "white-space: pre-wrap;", but doing so breaks the code signature of the app. And that's not a very n

0stiarius commented Jun 19, 2020

I do call center work from home and BM works beautifully to pause music when a call comes in and I get an alert that goes to my headphone jack. When the call begins, the sound is routed to a USB headphone and BM automatically unpauses the music during the call. :-(

Some way to prevent automatic unpause and require manual unpause would be very helpful.

Created by Tom Love and Brad Cox

Released 1984


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