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モグラ退治 (Whack-a-mole)
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モグラ退治 (Whack-a-mole)

by Dan King, Vanilla Liu, Junege Hong, Justin Ha, Kris Atanasoski and Jonathan Bobrow


Number of Blinks Number of Players Duration of Gameplay Recommended Ages
6+ 1 (or more) 2 - 5 minutes 6 & Up


So you thought you were a greenthumb, turns out, another critter's got plans for your purty crops. Keep this pesky mole out of your garden by bopping it on the head. Unfortunately for you, this critter has friends and they like to pop up with increasing frequency, let one get out for too long and you're whole crops will spoil. By the end of this game, your greenthumb might just be a black and blue thumb!


Arrange the Blinks so that there are 2 rows of 3. Double-click a single Blink to send all of them into ready mode (Blue). Double-click once again when you are ready to start the game (Green).


Use one hand, both, or friends as well to keep these pesky critters out of your garden. Hit one too late and it's over for you. When the mole (Orange) is above ground for a while it shows how close to spoiling your garden it is with a Red ring that gets faster and faster as the game progresses.

...and of course, where it all began

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