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Use the Smarty3 module instead

This module has now been deprecated in favour of the Smarty3 module.



  1. Download the latest version from the links above
  2. Unpack the downloaded file
  3. Move the smarty directory into the Kohana modules directory
  4. Enable the module in your application’s bootstrap.php
    ‘auth’ => MODPATH.‘auth’, // Basic authentication
    // ‘cache’ => MODPATH.‘cache’, // Caching with multiple backends
    // ‘codebench’ => MODPATH.‘codebench’, // Benchmarking tool
    ‘database’ => MODPATH.‘database’, // Database access
    // ‘image’ => MODPATH.‘image’, // Image manipulation
    ‘orm’ => MODPATH.‘orm’, // Object Relationship Mapping
    ‘pagination’ => MODPATH.‘pagination’, // Paging of results
    ‘userguide’ => MODPATH.‘userguide’, // User guide and API documentation
    'smarty' => MODPATH.'smarty', // smarty template module.
  5. Visit the page to confirm all is OK


Follow 1-3 above, replacing the whole of the existing modules/smarty directory.


  1. Documentation for this module
  2. Smarty documentation


  1. Report a bug, request a feature etc.
  2. Discuss this module in the Kohana forum : unless you whisper MrAnchovy you might not get a quick response
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