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A discord.js lavalink client
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A lavalink client for Discord.js



For stable

# Using yarn
yarn add discord.js-lavalink

# Using npm
npm install discord.js-lavalink

For Development

# Using yarn
yarn add MrJacz/discord.js-lavalink

# Using npm
npm install MrJacz/discord.js-lavalink

LavaLink configuration

Download from the CI server

Put an application.yml file in your working directory. Example

Run with java -jar Lavalink.jar

The issue tracker is for issues only

If you're having a problem with the module contact us in the Discord Server


Start by creating a new PlayerManager passing an array of nodes and an object with user the client's user id and shards The total number of shards your bot is operating on.

const { PlayerManager } = require("discord.js-lavalink");

const nodes = [
    { host: "localhost", port: 2333, password: "youshallnotpass" }

const manager = new PlayerManager(client, nodes, {
    user:, // Client id
    shards: shardCount // Total number of shards your bot is operating on

Resolving tracks using LavaLink REST API

const fetch = require("node-fetch");
const { URLSearchParams } = require("url");

async function getSongs(search) {
    const node = client.player.nodes.first();

    const params = new URLSearchParams();
    params.append("identifier", search);

    return fetch(`http://${}:${node.port}/loadtracks?${params.toString()}`, { headers: { Authorization: node.password } })
        .then(res => res.json())
        .then(data => data.tracks)
        .catch(err => {
            return null;

getSongs("ytsearch:30 second song").then(songs => {
    // handle loading of the tracks somehow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Joining and Leaving channels

// Join
    guild: guildId, // Guild id
    channel: channelId, // Channel id
    host: "localhost" // lavalink host, based on array of nodes
}).then(player => {; // Track is a base64 string we get from Lavalink REST API

    player.once("error", error => console.error(error));
    player.once("end", data => {
        if (data.reason === "REPLACED") return; // Ignore REPLACED reason to prevent skip loops
        // Play next song

// Leave voice channel and destory Player
manager.leave(guildId); // Player ID aka guild id

For a proper example look at example/app.js

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