RESTful API for TADbit generated 3D coordinates
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RESTful API for TADbit generated 3D coordinates


  • Mongo DB 3.2
  • Python 2.7.10+
  • pyenv
  • pyenv virtualenv
  • Python Modules:
    • h5py
    • numpy
    • DMP
    • Flask
    • Flask-Restful
    • Waitress


Cloneing from GitHub:

git clone

To get this to be picked up by pip if part of a webserver then:

pip install --editable .
pip install -r requirements.txt

This should install the required packages listed in the script.

Installation via pip:

pip install git+

Configuration files

Requires a file with the name mongodb.cnf with the following parameters to define the MongoDB server:

host = localhost
port = 27017
user = testuser
pass = test123
db = dmp
ftp_root =

Setting up a server

git clone

cd mg-rest-3d
pyenv virtualenv 2.7.12 mg-rest-3d
pyenv activate mg-rest-3d
pip install git+
pip install -e .
pip deactivate

Starting the service:

nohup ${PATH_2_PYENV}/versions/2.7.12/envs/mg-rest-3d/bin/waitress-serve --listen= &

Generating test data

Run the following script:

python scripts/

Testing the performance of the API

Run the test script:

 python -m scripts.test_regions_models