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@leto leto released this Jun 26, 2019 · 24 commits to master since this release

NOTE: Only for bleeding edge users! Also, please backup your Hush wallet.dat!

Currently only Windows binaries are below, binaries for other platforms are In The Mail.


FIRST, click on silentdragon.exe to download chain parameters (about 700MB). Eventually you will get an error about starting hushd, close Silent Dragon.

Now click on hushd.bat to start your Hush Full Node

Now you can click on silentdragon.exe to start Silent Dragon, and it will connect to your already-running full node. This is a bug specific to Windows, Linux and Mac users will be able to just start Silent Dragon and it will take care of the rest.

SHA256 hashes

8ff26b746b719f9480199bf7d29a4bd14766a506ce71a4203e721fff2229a881  README
6a2de3d2ed0b90fe61e65f2e0e826b9117fa3a8800ca6e41ac3fdc0503e167d4  hush-cli
ef2cf3590de1aca1ef9123f3a9e12d7a8161217955e2d35d7ee58665e6cffe49  hushd
59bb36ca7afcf4a1decb2f49990ac3aad2d8a490e691c8a219c09fd80125eaa4  hushd.bat
8d8807cec6d2f4ea9d9a623ce529f1eda576580c56c6553fd2f2dde6910e99b0  komodo-cli.exe
0d6c0e6404cbf8db9f9dfbff03b93a00927450415800b3a09dd744406c42d346  komodo-tx.exe
71f1f823a7d5dcf1b1e7ac9e23f7555e1fa96ec22964bc2199a2577984f37a01  komodod.exe
869c85b3f144452cf368c01dca61ef027b0cdfff8104db2289af73a64b2fd2d1  silentdragon.exe
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