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SilentDragonLite is a lightwallet for HUSH ($HUSH) which runs on Linux and Windows. This does not require you to download the full blockchain. This is experimental software under active development!


SilentDragonLite contacts a few different external websites to get various bits of data.

* for price data API 
* for explorer links 
* for address utilities 
* to get Data

This means your IP address is known to these servers. Enable Tor setting in SilentDragonLite to prevent this, or better yet, use TAILS:


Go to the releases page and grab the latest installers or binary. For any Arch Linux users, we also have packages on AUR which can be installed with yay -S silentdragonlite or with yay -S silentdragonlite-appimage for the AppImage package.

Install Torsocks (or any other Socks service for TOR) on Ubuntu 18.04

sudo apt update
sudo apt install torsocks

Connection to our TOR onion service Server

* Open SDL  Edit->Settings->LightwalletServer->6onaaujm4ozaokzu.onion:80
* Open the folder of SDL in a Terminal -> Enter: TORSOCKS_LOG_LEVEL=1 torsocks -i ./SilentDragonLite

Note Management

SilentDragonLite does automatic note and utxo management, which means it doesn't allow you to manually select which address to send outgoing transactions from. It follows these principles:

  • Defaults to sending shielded transactions, even if you're sending to a transparent address
  • Sapling funds need at least 2 confirmations before they can be spent
  • Can select funds from multiple shielded addresses in the same transaction
  • Will automatically shield your transparent funds at the first opportunity
  • When sending an outgoing transaction to a shielded address, SilentDragonLite can decide to use the transaction to additionally shield your transparent funds (i.e., send your transparent funds to your own shielded address in the same transaction)

Compiling from source

  • SilentDragonLite is written in C++ 14, and can be compiled with g++/clang++/visual c++.
  • It also depends on Qt5, which you can get from here.
  • You'll need Rust v1.41 +

Building on Linux

git clone
cd SilentDragonLite


For support or other questions, join us on Discord, or tweet at @MyHushTeam, or toot at our Mastodon, or join Telegram or file an issue.


SilentDragonLite - HUSH Lite wallet that supports zaddrs!







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