MyIT CRM 2 is a total re-write from the ground up in Ruby/Rails language. MyITCRM2 is a CRM program designed for the Businesses who repair equipment like Computers, Small Plant or can be also used to manage maintenance tasks. The software is still not at an ALPHA stage yet but please fell free to join the project and help create a community driv…
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Welcome to MyIT CRM2 – The Next Stage!

What is MyIT CRM2?

MyIT CRM2 is a Customer Relationship Management Tool, written for the IT Community and businesses who repair computers.
Whilst MyIT CRM2 is based around IT Repair businesses, it can easily be adapted to any business that needs to schedule and create Work Orders to
carry out repairs.

MyITCRM2 Features (Current and Planned):

  • Customer Management,
  • Work Order (Service Request) Management,
  • Parts Ordering and Stock Control,
  • Supplier Management and Ordering Processes,
  • Detailed Invoicing,
  • Supported Payment Types: PayPal, Cheque, Direct Deposit, Cash/COD
  • Detailed Reporting.

Check out for more details
and the current version of MyIT CRM.

MyITCRM2 is a Open Source and Free Web Program written in Ruby/Rails. It’s released under the GNU GPL3 Software License.

If you like this program, please visit our website and help support it by making a donation (any amount) to help the ongoing development of MyIT CRM.