ROS Catkin package to track people using octree and cluster extraction
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ROS Catkin package to track people using ortree and cluster extraction from a fixed point.
Sensor Used for testing: Quanergy M8
Written and tested on: Ubuntu 16.04, ROS Kinetic


This package depends on the people_msgs package:

  1. sudo apt install ros-kinetic-easy-markers ros-kinetic-kalman-filter
  2. git clone ~/catkin_ws/src


  1. Make your catkin workspace:
    1. mkdir -p ~/catkin_ws/src
    2. catkin_init_workspace ~/catkin_ws/src
    3. catkin_make -C ~/catkin_ws
  2. Clone kdhansen/people to your workspace:
    1. git clone ~/catkin_ws/src
  3. Clone this repo to your workspace:
    1. git clone ~/catkin_ws/src
  4. Source your workspace
    1. source ~/catkin_ws/devel/
  5. Build your workspace
    1. catkin_make -C ~/catkin_ws --pkg people_msgs
    2. catkin_make -C ~/catkin_ws

Running the tracking

  1. Initialize your LIDAR, or play your ROSBAG
    1. rosbag play -l bagname.bag
  2. Launch
    1. source ~/catkin_ws/devel/
    2. roslaunch lidar_body_tracking lidar_body_tracking.launch


  1. The URDF frame is QP308. You can change this in /urdf/m8.launch.xacro
  2. You can change the default topics in the launch file /launch/lidar_body_tracking.launch


  • Dynamic Reconfigure for Link, Leaf size, min cluster, etc
  • ROSParam for topics
  • Clustering of indicies for person detection
  • Output potential people to a topic
    • Calculate person velocity
    • Calculate certainty of person
    • Estimate person height, size
    • Track person based on previous location
    • people_msgs/Person does not include orientation
  • Control an RVIZ marker or something
  • Support body tracking while lidar is moving, loop closure and Odom tracking.
  • Comment and document code
    • Object-oriented
    • Clean-up code


ROS WIKI Xacro Reference