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Visual Interfaces for Mobile Devices - Spring 2018 - Team : Bugle
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Bugle Project


Sachin Kumar, Sumit Srivastava, Pooja Gosavi, Nida Syed, Lin Zhu, Shyam Ramakrishnan, Cameron Harris


Making a difference just got easier!


Bugle is a mobile website that helps bridge the disconnect between volunteers and volunteering organizations. It provides a platform for volunteers interested to participate in volunteering events that suit their interests. It also helps organizations searching for the enthusiastic volunteers who share their passion.

How to install

  • Instructions for running UI: README
  • Instructions for running backend: README

Project Milestones:

  1. Requirement Gathering and Design
  1. Construction and Implementation

Following functionalities implemented as part of the construction and implementation phase:

  • Login/Sign Up and Profile Page

    • Login and signup functionality for volunteers and organization
  • Volunteer Home Page

    • See list of available events to apply
    • Apply for a event
  • Organization Home Page

    • Host events
  • Event Details Page and Approve/Reject Page

    • Approve or Reject volunteers for the hosted event
    • More description about the event
  • Chat Page

    • Volunteers and Organisers can interact with chat
    • Separate persistent chat for each event
  • Optional Features (Google Login)

    • Option to login with google authentication
  1. User Testing
  • Validation of features
  1. Deployment
  • Deployment of application on Heroku platform for public access.

Technology Stack used

  • Node express - UI server
  • Play framework - backend server with APIs for transacting data with database
  • AngularJS - Frontend of website
  • Google authentication - Google sign in.
  • Google Maps - maps integration for easier navigation
  • Heroku - Deployment platform
  • PostgreSQL - database server
  • - websocket framework for Chat functionality


  • Mobile website for Bugle Volunteering app.
  • Sign up with email for Volunteers and Organizations.
  • Google sign in for Volunteers and Organizations.
  • Organizations can host events for volunteers to participate.
  • Volunteers can see events based on every organization and apply for the event.
  • Organizations can choose volunteers for their events.
  • Volunteers can chat with organizers and other volunteers for the event he/she was approved for.
  • Google Maps integration for navigation to volunteer site.

Future Work

  • Profile rating system for organizations and volunteers.
  • Integration with BeenVerified for background verification.
  • Option for users to add profile pictures.
  • Facebook integration - signin and sharing.
  • Chat notifications on mobile devices.
  • Email verification and captcha integration



Bugle Video

Progress Reports:

Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4, Report 5, Report 6.


Bugle on GitHub

Live URL:

Bugle(Deployed on Heroku)

Sample Users:
Organization - email:, pwd: o1
Volunteer - email:, pwd: v1


Backend API Specification

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