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Kaggle national datascience bowl 2017 7th place code


The model description can be found in ./documentation/DL_Munich_model_desc.pdf

Operating system

  • Ubuntu 14.04

The final submission are generated on the following system components

  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4930K CPU
  • RAM: 32GB of RAM
  • Around 200GB of free Memory

Package requirements

  • opencv-python
  • Python 3.4.3
  • dicom 0.9.9-1
  • joblib 0.10.3
  • tensorflow-gpu 1.0.1
  • SimpleITK
  • numpy 1.12.0
  • pandas 0.19.2
  • scipy 0.18.1
  • scikit-image 0.12.3
  • scikit-learn 0.18.1

Preparing the data

adjust raw_data_absolute_path in "" (line 6) to the raw dsb3 data directory. The raw dsb3 data directory is expected to contain the following folders and files:

  • stage1/ (unzipped stage1.7z)
  • stage2/ (unzipped stage2.7z)
  • stage2_sample_submission.csv

adjust raw_LUNA_absolute_path in "" (line 7) to the raw LUNA data directory. The directory is expected to contain the following folders and files from the LUNA16 challenge (

  • to 10 zip files which contain all CT images
  • annotations.csv: csv file that contains the annotations used as reference standard for the 'nodule detection' track
  • sampleSubmission.csv: an example of a submission file in the correct format
  • candidates_V2.csv: csv file that contains the candidate locations for the ‘false positive reduction’ track

The GPU ID and number of cores for multithreading can be adjusted in line 23,24 in "": ('n_CPUs', 4), ('GPU_ids', [0]),

Download the checkpoint folder from: and extract it to the ./ directory

Running entire pipeline

The intermediate steps will produce outputs in the ./datapipeline_final/ directory. The final 2 submissions will be placed in the ./out/ directory.

$ sh


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