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NEventStore is a persistence library used to abstract different storage implementations when using event sourcing as storage mechanism.

This library is developed with a specific focus on DDD/CQRS applications.

NEventStore currently supports:

  • .net 6.0
  • .net 5.0
  • .net standard 2.0
  • .net framework 4.6.1

Starting from Version 6.0.0 NEventStore will use Semantic Versioning to track the version numbers.

Build Status (AppVeyor)


  • master Build status
  • develop Build status

Main Library Packages

  • NEventStore - the core library package.
  • NEventStore.Serialization.Json - Json serialization to be used with an IDocumentSerializer.
  • NEventStore.Serialization.Bson - BSon serialization to be used with an IDocumentSerializer.
  • NEventStore.PollingClient - provides an implementation for a PollingClient.


Please see the documentation to get started and for more information.

ChangeLog can be found here

Developed with:

Resharper TeamCity dotCover dotTrace

How to build (Windows OS)

To build the project locally on a Windows Machine:

  • Install Chocolatey.
  • Open a Powershell console in Administrative mode and run the build script build.ps1 in the root of the repository.