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📬 Alternative Mail target for NLog using MailKit
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Alternative Mail target for NLog using MailKit. Compatible with .NET standard 1, .NET standard 2 and .NET 4+

Including this package will replace the original mail target and has the same options as the original mail target, see docs of the original mailTarget

Notice that the original SmtpClient of .NET is obsolete in favor of MailKit:


Currently not implemented:

  • PickupDirectory
  • NTLM auth
  • reading SMTP section from web.config

This library is integration tested with the SmtpServer NuGet package

How to use

  1. Install the package:

    Install-Package NLog.MailKit or in your csproj:

    <PackageReference Include="NLog.MailKit" Version="3.0.1" />
  2. Add to your nlog.config:

        <add assembly="NLog.MailKit"/>

Use the target "mail" and config options can be found here:

Use skipCertificateValidation="true" for prevent AuthenticationException if your remote certificate for smtpServer is invalid - not recommend!


BSD. License of MailKit is MIT

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