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WAVEWATCH III® is a community wave modeling framework that includes the latest scientific advancements in the field of wind-wave modeling and dynamics.

General Features

WAVEWATCH III® solves the random phase spectral action density balance equation for wavenumber-direction spectra. The model includes options for shallow-water (surf zone) applications, as well as wetting and drying of grid points. Propagation of a wave spectrum can be solved using regular (rectilinear or curvilinear) and unstructured (triangular) grids. See About WW3 for a detailed description of WAVEWATCH III® .


The WAVEWATCH III® framework package has two parts that need to be combined so all runs smoothly: the GitHub repo itself, and a binary data file bundle that needs to be obtained from our ftp site. Steps to successfully acquire and install the framework are outlined in our Quick Start guide.


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