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Welcome to MOM6 - a next-generation open-source ocean model that combines the best of GOLD ( and MOM5 ( This wiki describes the installation and setup of MOM6 and the accompanying sea ice model, SIS2. It also outlines how you can contribute to help build better ocean and sea ice models. The code is documented on ReadTheDocs and via a developers wiki.

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Introducing MOM6 - background and overview. A step-by-step guide to building and running MOM6. Explore the test cases. About the community and how to contribute. Detailed technical documentation and related publications.

Getting help and reporting issues

For all help requests and error reports please create a "GitHub issue" in the appropriate repository:

Before reaching out to us, you might find your problem in the list of open or closed issues or in the FAQ. Using "GitHub issues" helps us help you by tracking the problem - an email for help can often get lost in the clutter.

For self-help

Setting up and running the model is primarily supported via the MOM6-examples wiki (that you are already reading). It is a "wiki" so feel free to correct and contribute.

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