Example configurations for MOM6 and SIS2
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- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@c9c88de Fix more syntax errors
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@e67fdaf Fix syntax errors
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@ddb73dc Rename meltw to seaice_melt and melth to seaice_melt_heat
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@06631bd Documented 93 thermodynamic variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@dea748a Documented 170 variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@ea5c097 Documented 116 tracer variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@bf1fa4b Documented 288 parameterization variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@c2473a7 Documented 300 miscellaneous variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@026f7d8 Documented units of 50 grid variables
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@00b3289 Documented units of 110 core variables
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@3d0c946 Documented units of 280 more variables
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@e0c3d49 Documented temperature variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@6976ac6 Documented density variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@78e9659 Documented miscellaneous variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@00a8cdc dOxyGenize ice_solo_driver/MOM_surface_forcing.F90
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@17c4608 Document frequency units with square brackets
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@dd34d00 Document velocity units with square brackets
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@23eea80 Document more variable units with square brackets
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@e424e0b Document additional thickness variable units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@9df0655 Use square-brackets in thickness documentation
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@aaed093 Merge branch 'dev/master' into sync_dev_master_19Dec18
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@ad18eaf Use square-brackets in height documentation
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@7dab975 Updated comments explaining the '~>' notation
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@0e2066d Use square-bracket syntax in unit documentation
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@a68376b Merge pull request #88 from gustavo-marques/vectors_rotation__mct
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@10fb249 Rotate fields from different coordinates
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@c2d6ff1 Further reduced use of square brackets in comments
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@53f947c Reduced use of square brackets in comments
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@c7121e5 Merge pull request #87 from gustavo-marques/update_mct_fluxes
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@80b7ba9 Extended comments to clarify H units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@f8ee1e6 Renamed internal variables in EF4
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@83b410d Added comments explaining the '~>' notation
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@4b81577 Fix indices bug in ocn_import
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@08145fe Merge branch 'dev/ncar' into update_mct_fluxes
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@dd6cb7f Merge pull request #86 from gustavo-marques/bug_fix_convert_IOB_to_forces
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@88fd8c6 Change end do to enddo
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@acc2ef5 Move pointer assignment outside of the loop
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@a910cd0 Adds meltw into net_mass_src
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@c284cdd Adds meltw and melth into FW_in and heat_in, respectively
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@62709d7 Extended comments to clarify Z units
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@47a3574 Merge pull request #885 from nikizadehgfdl/nikizadehgfdl/fix_compile_generics
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@16d0745 This update fixes compilation issues of ESM
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@28a83f1 Merge branch 'Hallberg-NOAA-rescale_topography' into dev/gfdl
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@27e3a1d Merge branch 'rescale_topography' of https://github.com/Hallberg-NOAA/MOM6 into Hallberg-NOAA-rescale_topography
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@378eb63 Merge branch 'Hallberg-NOAA-eliminate_Zd_to_m' into dev/gfdl
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@50d1aeb Merge branch 'eliminate_Zd_to_m' of https://github.com/Hallberg-NOAA/MOM6 into Hallberg-NOAA-eliminate_Zd_to_m
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@2925a58 Merge branch 'MFJansen-dev/gfdl' into dev/gfdl
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@07b8936 Merge branch 'dev/ncar' into update_mct_fluxes
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@24cdc5c Add heat_content_meltw
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@5e5e315 Adds random noise option for Neverland IC
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@45a6400 Added run-time parameter for Neverland perturbation
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@de69ac0 Merge branch 'dev/gfdl' of https://github.com/MFJansen/MOM6 into MFJansen-dev/gfdl
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@604a716 Rescale topography during initialization
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@bc808be +Rescale topography in MOM_shared_initialization
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@74014e7 Better comments in initialize_topography routines
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@c9517fe +Rescale depth in USER_initialize_topography
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@8560c62 +Rescale depth in shelfwave_initialize_topography
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@c40b482 +Rescale depth in benchmark_initialize_topography
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@e543439 +Rescale depth in Phillips_initialize_topography
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@f272edc +Rescale depth in Kelvin_initialize_topography
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@771e44f +Rescale depth in ISOMIP_initialize_topography
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@a1653f6 +Rescale depth in DOME_initialize_topography
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@f909e93 Merge branch 'dev/gfdl' into eliminate_Zd_to_m
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@7f73764 +Recast ustar_gustless into Z/s
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@5810cf0 Recast internal MOM_barotropic variables into Z
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@fac1464 +Eliminated Zd_to_m from grid types
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@3d4c891 +Add optional unit_scale_type arg to initialize_masks
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@6c47801 +Add unit_scale_type arg to MOM_sum_output_init
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@366efc8 +Add unit_scale_type arg to MOM_initialize_fixed
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@d2bfd73 +Add unit_scale_type argument to diag_remap_update
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@47909a1 Added perturbations to initial layer thicknesses in Neverland
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@9ac67cc +Add unit_scale_type argument to tracer_Z_init
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@967e470 +Rescaled variables in MOM_tidal_mixing
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@375bab5 +Rescaled variables in MOM_internal_tides
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@dcdc509 +Add US arg to set_up_ALE_sponge_vel_field_varying
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@ca03196 Merge pull request #84 from gustavo-marques/merge-dev-master-candidate-2018-10-15
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@3cd18ca Sets CS%ignore_fluxes_over_land = .false. when ePBL is not used
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@622d19e Delete comment on whether meltw is needed in PRmE
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@cd2648d Take meltw into account when adjust_net_fresh_water_to_zero=true
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@9ede781 Merge branch 'dev-master-candidate-2018-10-15' into merge-dev-master-candidate-2018-10-15
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@f44b215 Merge branch 'dev-master-candidate-2018-10-15' into merge-dev-master-candidate-2018-10-15
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@7194593 Re-introduces salt_flux contribution into net_FW
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@6acc499 Ignores volume flux of sea ice via reverse engineering
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@9b0af26 Adds meltw and melth into fluxes
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@d581094 Updates MCT doxygen after adding meltw and melth
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@918f218 Adds meltw (water flux from seaice and snow)
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@67e70c5 Add more complete description of Fioi_meltw
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@70779e6 Deletes TODO comments. Signs are correct.
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@e495d0c Add heat flux term deu to melt/freeze of sea ice
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@a3dbe02 Merge pull request #81 from gustavo-marques/fix_salt_flux
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@a2e9c1e Merge branch 'dev/ncar' into fix_salt_flux
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@48582eb Merge pull request #82 from NOAA-GFDL/dev/master
- NOAA-GFDL/MOM6@6f12f84 Adds a missing parameter and fixes a bug
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This repository provides the configurations (input parameters and data) and their corresponding regression data (for testing), of models that involve MOM6 and SIS2. The repository also contains tools for analysis and preprocessing.

Where to find information

To find information, start at the MOM6-examples wiki.

Requests for help and other issues associated with the tools or configurations should be registered at MOM6-examples issues. Issues specific to the MOM6 source code should be registered at MOM6 issues. Issues specific to the SIS2 source code should be registered at SIS2 issues.

What files are what

The top level directory structure groups source code and input files as follow:

File/directory Purpose
LICENSE.md a copy of the Gnu lesser general public license, version 3.
README.md this file with basic pointers to more information.
src/ source code for MOM6, SIS2 and FMS-shared code.
tools/ tools for working with MOM6 (not source code and not necessarily supported).
ocean_only experiments that just use MOM6
ice_ocean_SIS experiments that use MOM6 and SIS code in coupled mode
ice_ocean_SIS2 experiments that use MOM6 and SIS2 code in coupled mode
coupled_AM2_LM2_SIS experiments that use MOM6, SIS, LM2 and AM2 code, ie. fully coupled
coupled_AM2_LM3_SIS/ experiments that use MOM6, SIS, LM3 and AM2 code, ie. fully coupled
coupled_AM2_LM3_SIS2/ experiments that use MOM6, SIS2, ML3 and AM2 code, ie. fully coupled
Directory Purpose
src/MOM6/ is a git submodule that contains the source code for MOM6
src/SIS2/ is a git submodule that contains the source code for SIS2
src/FMS/ is a git submodule that contains the source code for FMS


The repository policies (repository access, branches, procedures, ...) are the same as the MOM6 source code policies.


The United States Department of Commerce (DOC) GitHub project code is provided on an ‘as is’ basis and the user assumes responsibility for its use. DOC has relinquished control of the information and no longer has responsibility to protect the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of the information. Any claims against the Department of Commerce stemming from the use of its GitHub project will be governed by all applicable Federal law. Any reference to specific commercial products, processes, or services by service mark, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not constitute or imply their endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the Department of Commerce. The Department of Commerce seal and logo, or the seal and logo of a DOC bureau, shall not be used in any manner to imply endorsement of any commercial product or activity by DOC or the United States Government.

This project code is made available through GitHub but is managed by NOAA-GFDL at https://gitlab.gfdl.noaa.gov.