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The Paracraft package contains the latest source code of To extend paracraft, you are recommended to use the ParacraftSDK's MOD interface.

The only reason that you want to modify paracraft package is that you want to fix bug or add new features to the core Paracraft application. In most cases, you also need to build NPLRuntime from source code, so that you can debug both C++ and NPL code of Paracraft.

Install Guide

  • Download and keep it update to date.
  • In the root installation directory of paracraft, install paracraft package
mkdir npl_packages
cd npl_packages
git clone

please pull paracraft package from git regularly to stay up to date.

Run with NPL packages

Please note, according to NPL package, paracraft will still use the files in *.pkg files, if you do not start paracraft in dev mode. (in other words, main*.pkg contains precompiled NPL code of paracraft package).

So, to run in dev mode, you can create a run.bat file or in your visual studio to add following command line.

paraengineclient.exe dev="." loadpackage="npl_packages/paracraft/"

Optional: replace dev="." with the your dev root directory or just use "." to use the current working directory as dev directory. Optional: loadpackage="npl_packages/paracraft/" is optional, since NPL.load("npl_packages/paracraft/") is called in the bootstrapper, we just leave it there in case you installed your package in a different folder.

When you start paracraft in dev mode, you will see in log.txt the following line

search path: [your directory]/npl_packages/paracraft/

If you see these lines, then Congratulations! you have just loaded paracraft via source code in paracraft package.

Contributing to paracraft

Fork this project on github, send me pull request and discuss with me any issue.

Happy Programming!

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