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The REopt® model in this repository is a free, open-source, development version of the REopt API. A production version of the REopt API lies behind the REopt Web Tool.

The REopt API offers a subset of features from NREL's more comprehensive REopt model. Both models provide concurrent, multiple technology integration and optimization capabilities to help organizations meet their cost savings and energy performance goals. Formulated as a mixed integer linear program, the REopt models recommend an optimally sized mix of renewable energy, conventional generation, and energy storage technologies; estimate the net present value of implementing those technologies; and provide a dispatch strategy for operating the technology mix at maximum economic efficiency. A list of the REopt model capabilities is provided here.

Using the REopt API

If you just want to use the REopt API (and not modify the code or host the API on your own server) then you can access our production version of the API via the NREL Developer Network.

If you would like to do more than use the API, see our Wiki for detailed instructions on installing the API. Also, our contributing guidelines provide guidelines for suggesting improvements, creating pull requests, and more.