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Please visit for more information.

Psiturk Google Group


  • v2.3.0 | minimum-version that can be used with current Amazon mturk API. python2-only
  • v2.3.1 -- v2.3.x | python2 branch in the git repo. Supports both python2 and python3. Receiving hot-fixes only, and releases will only increment 2.3.x.
  • unreleased -- forthcoming v3.x.x | master branch, feature branch. python3 only. psiTurk v3.x.x will be released from this branch.


Check out a clone of this repo, and install it into your local environment for testing (consider installing into a virtualenv):

git clone
pip install -e psiTurk

A test suite can be run using pytest from within the base directory of psiturk.


To credit psiTurk in your work, please cite both the original journal paper and a version of the Zenodo archive. The former provides a high level description of the package, and the latter points to a permanent record of all psiTurk versions (we encourage you to cite the specific version you used). Example citations (for psiTurk 2.3.7):

Zenodo Archive:

Eargle, David, Gureckis, Todd, Rich, Alexander S., McDonnell, John, & Martin, Jay B. (2020, January 6). psiTurk: An open platform for science on Amazon Mechanical Turk (Version v2.3.7). Zenodo.

Journal Paper:

Gureckis, T.M., Martin, J., McDonnell, J., Rich, A.S., Markant, D., Coenen, A., Halpern, D., Hamrick, J.B., Chan, P. (2016) psiTurk: An open-source framework for conducting replicable behavioral experiments online. Behavioral Research Methods, 48 (3), 829-842. DOI:

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