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NaNoGenMo + NaNoLiPo = 50,000 Woofs #30

hugovk opened this issue Nov 1, 2018 · 0 comments

NaNoGenMo + NaNoLiPo = 50,000 Woofs #30

hugovk opened this issue Nov 1, 2018 · 0 comments


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@hugovk hugovk commented Nov 1, 2018

Here's a crossover NaNoGenMo / NaNoLiPo entry!

NaNoLiPo Prompts

  • Nov. 1: #avoidlipo -- Your text may not contain any "e"s
  • Nov. 2: #monosyllablipo -- All words in your text must consist of exactly one syllable.
  • Nov. 3: #punchcardlipo -- Each sentence in your text must contain exactly 80 characters.
  • Nov. 4: #tautogramlipo -- All words in your text must begin with the same letter. You can choose the letter.
  • Nov. 5: #vomitlipo -- In your text, the order of consonant phonemes in each word must follow the place of articulation; start with phonemes articulated at the back of the mouth, end with phonemes articulated at the front. For instance, "good" starts at the velum and ends at the alveolar ridge. You can follow the table in this article from right to left.
  • Nov. 6: #mirrorlipo -- You may only use letters that have at least one axis of symmetry.
  • Nov. 7: #interleaflipo -- Reading every other word in your text must still yield a full, valid text.
  • Nov. 8: #recyclipo -- The same set of letters must appear in each sentence of your text.
  • Nov. 9: #quintilipo -- All words in your text must contain at least 5 letters.
  • Nov. 10: #vowelringlipo -- The order in which the vowels a, e, i, o, u appear (across words) must stay the same throughout the text. You can pick the order of your vowels.
  • Nov. 11: #monotonelipo -- All words in your text must have the same length.
  • Nov. 12: #frankensteinlipo -- Your text must contain the verbs from another, published text, in the order of appearance, but the substantives of yet another, published text, in the order of appearance; e.g., the verbs from Pride and Prejudice, but the nouns of The Hobbit. Words that are not verbs or nouns can be inserted freely.
  • Nov. 13: #aphasialipo -- Your text may not contain any meaningful substantives; in case you want to use a substantive, you must use a placeholder such as "thing", "stuff", or "whatchamacallit".
  • Nov. 14: #upgolipo -- You may only use the ten hundred most used words in English.
  • Nov. 15: #piphilolipo -- Your text must contain words whose length corresponds to the digits of pi, in order.
  • Nov. 16: #dashakumaracharitalipo -- Your text may not contain any labial consonants ([m], [p], [b], [f], [v]).
  • Nov. 17: #panphonlipo -- Write a text that contains each phoneme of English once. The shorter your text is, the better.
  • Nov. 18: #emojlipo -- You may only use substantives if there is an emoji for them. Write the emoji instead of the word.
  • Nov. 19: #acrostilipo -- The beginning letters of the words in your text must spell out another text, word, or phrase.
  • Nov. 20: #abstractlipo -- You may not use any concrete nouns; all substantives you use must refer to abstract concepts.
  • Nov. 21: #hapaxlipo -- Pick a published text and determine its hapax legomena. Your own text may only consist of the original text's hapaxes.
  • Nov. 22: #rhopalipo -- Each word in your text must be longer than the previous word by one syllable.
  • Nov. 23: #epanodoslipo -- The second sentence of your text must repeat one word from the first sentence. The next sentence must repeat that word and an additional word from the second sentence. Continue as long as you like.
  • Nov. 24: #selfsustainlipo -- You may only use letters and characters that occur in your own full name and title.
  • Nov. 25: #dactylipo -- Your entire text must consist of a row of dactyls.
  • Nov. 26: #eprimelipo -- Your text may contain absolutely no forms of the verb "to be", neither as a full verb nor as an auxiliary verb.
  • Nov. 27: #snpvplipo -- Your entire text must consist of sentences of the form S -> NP VP, that is, sentences must conform to the structure of sentences like "John walks" or "John loves Mary".
  • Nov. 28: #anglipo -- Your text may only contain words of Anglo-Saxon origin.
  • Nov. 29: #ouroborolipo -- Each sentence in your text must end with the same word with which it begins.
  • Nov. 30: #traindenullepartlipo -- Your text may not contain any verbs.

50,000 Woofs

We all know a word containing "e"s.


And we all know a word not containing "e"s.


And we all know a monosyllable not containing "e"s.


Here is my entry for NaNoGenMo 2014, 50,000 Meows refactored (copied and pasted) into 50,000 Woofs.


Original woof words with translation words
Moby Dick; or The Whale, by Herman Melville txt pdf 215,136 txt pdf 430,272


Here's part of Moby Dick; or Th Whal, by Hrman Mlvill:

"WOOOF.... Wf. wof Wof. WOOF. Woof woooof wf wooof woof wooooooof wf
wooooof; wof wf Wof. WOOOF wf woooof wf wooooof." --WOOOOOF'W WOOOOOOOOF

"WOOOF.... Wf wf woof wooooooooof woof wof Wof. wof Wof. WOOOOF; W.W.
WOOF-WOF, wf woof, wf woooof." --WOOOOOOOOF'W WOOOOOOOOF

     WOOOF,               WOOOF.
     WOOOF,               WOOOF.
     WOOOF,               WOOOF-WOOOF.
     WOOOF,               WOOOOF.
     WOF,                 WOOOF.
     WOOF,                WOOOOOF.
     WOOOF,               WOOOOOOOF.
     WOOOF,               WOOOOOF.
     WOOOOOF,             WOOOOF.
     WOOOOOF,             WOOOOOF.

WOOOOOOF (Woooooof wf w Wof-Wof-Wooooooof).

And with line-by-line translations:

That night, in the mid-watch, when the old man--as his wont at
Woof wooof, wf wof wof-wooof, woof wof wof wof--wf wof woof wf

intervals--stepped forth from the scuttle in which he leaned, and went
wooooooof--wooooof wooof woof wof wooooof wf wooof wf woooof, wof woof

to his pivot-hole, he suddenly thrust out his face fiercely, snuffing
wf wof wooof-woof, wf woooooof woooof wof wof woof woooooof, woooooof

up the sea air as a sagacious ship's dog will, in drawing nigh to
wf wof wof wof wf w wooooooof woof'w wof woof, wf wooooof woof wf

some barbarous isle. He declared that a whale must be near. Soon that
woof wooooooof woof. Wf woooooof woof w wooof woof wf woof. Woof woof

peculiar odor, sometimes to a great distance given forth by the
woooooof woof, wooooooof wf w wooof woooooof wooof wooof wf wof

living sperm whale, was palpable to all the watch; nor was any mariner
woooof wooof wooof, wof woooooof wf wof wof wooof; wof wof wof wooooof

surprised when, after inspecting the compass, and then the dog-vane, and
wooooooof woof, wooof woooooooof wof wooooof, wof woof wof wof-woof, wof

then ascertaining the precise bearing of the odor as nearly as possible,
woof woooooooooof wof wooooof wooooof wf wof woof wf woooof wf woooooof,

Ahab rapidly ordered the ship's course to be slightly altered, and the
Woof wooooof wooooof wof woof'w woooof wf wf woooooof wooooof, wof wof

sail to be shortened.
woof wf wf wooooooof.


@hugovk hugovk mentioned this issue Nov 1, 2018
@hugovk hugovk changed the title Nov 01: #avoidlipo - 50,000 Woofs Nov 01: #avoidlipo + Nov. 2: #monosyllablipo - 50,000 Woofs Nov 2, 2018
@hugovk hugovk changed the title Nov 01: #avoidlipo + Nov. 2: #monosyllablipo - 50,000 Woofs NaNoLiPo: 50,000 Woofs: #avoidlipo + #tautogramlipo + #monosyllablipo Nov 4, 2018
@hugovk hugovk changed the title NaNoLiPo: 50,000 Woofs: #avoidlipo + #tautogramlipo + #monosyllablipo NaNoGenMo + NaNoLiPo = 50,000 Woofs Nov 5, 2018
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