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Fork of the unmaintained, broken MantisKanban plugin, enhanced with some AJAX functionality and other features.
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Mantis Kanban

This is a fork of the original MantisKanban plugin which can be found here: Since the plugin is not maintained and didn't work "out of the box" I've decided to fork, fix and extend it a bit.


New features in version 1.2.:

  • make use of the default states
  • filter directly in the kanban view
  • change user on the ticket
  • drag&drop of tickets
  • styled the readme

New features in version 1.1.:

  • fixed the base plugin, should run now "out of the box"
  • added AJAX support: you can now change the ticket status from the Kanban board via AJAX dropdown
  • made the tickets sortable by date or by priority
  • added alternative / optional view for "All projects" (separate row for each project)
  • added "work in progress" limits per column - if limit is reached, the column becomes red
  • made column titles multilingual
  • uses the most important filters from the general list view in Mantis (selected user etc.)


  • Upload the "MantisKanban" folder to your Mantis "plugins" folder
  • Activate the plugin in your Mantis backend
  • edit "pages/kanban_page.php" and define at least your desired colums and "wip" limits. (see the "$colums" array)
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