🍏 🍍 🍓 A NativeScript-built iOS and Android app for managing grocery lists
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Groceries Build Status

Groceries is a NativeScript-built iOS and Android app for managing grocery lists. You can learn how to build a version of this app from scratch using either our JavaScript getting started guide, or our TypeScript and Angular getting started guide.


This repository contains a number of branches:

  • The master branch shows how to build a robust, real-world app using NativeScript. The branch is built with TypeScript and Angular. This branch targets latest official release of {N}.



This app is built with the NativeScript CLI. Once you have the CLI installed, start by cloning the repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/NativeScript/sample-Groceries.git
$ cd sample-Groceries

From there you can use the run command to run Groceries on iOS:

$ tns run ios

And the same command to run Groceries on Android:

$ tns run android


Groceries uses tslint + codelyzer rules to ensure the code follows the angular style guide.

You can run the linter with the tslint npm script:

$ npm run tslint

Unit Testing

Groceries uses NativeScript’s integrated unit test runner with Jasmine. To run the tests for yourself use the tns test command:

$ tns test ios --emulator
$ tns test android --emulator

For more information on unit testing NativeScript apps, refer to the NativeScript docs on the topic.

Travis CI

Groceries uses Travis CI to verify all tests pass on each commit. Refer to the .travis.yml configuration file for details.


The following is a list of all the people that have helped build Groceries. Thanks for your contributions!





Big Thanks

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