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Adjust Maps Settings

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Global settings

There are a number of settings you can apply to all maps that appear on your Scratchpad. To edit these, navigate to Configuration > Content authoring > Map settings (or use the path /admin/config/content/gm3).

Screenshot of map settings form


The default width and height for maps, using CSS units - we recommend using % for width and px for height.

Centre point

The initial point displayed on the map for maps that have no data on them. Maps with data will automatically zoom and pan to the region that contains the data points.

Minimum zoom level

Determines how far out the user can zoom. A higher number means the map is zoomed in to a smaller scale. Generally a lower level is better.

Enable clustering

Allows points that are placed close together on the map to be grouped together at lower zoom levels, and displayed as a number indicating how many points are in that area. Clicking on the number or zooming in will show the individual points.

Field settings

When modifying a content type, you are able to override the side-wide clustering setting for that specific map. Disabling or enabling clustering for one content type will not affect the maps in any other content types.

Convex hull

When modifying a content type, you can set whether a point field uses a convex hull to display its data. This does not affect the map when editing the data points, but does for users viewing the data.

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