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A Moomoo Bot Sender with AI.
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This script is a very configurable botting tool for the MMO game

Bot sending is no longer functional due to's new IP limits. However, probing still works, so raid livestreams manually to your heart's content.

WARNING: Please do not download any code that claims that it will "fix" or "add features" to this bot code. People have been including trojans and viruses in those unofficial programs. The ONLY official Moomoo bot code authors are Mega-Mewthree and Nebula-Devs. DO NOT download any other code related to Moomoo bots.

We are not responsible for any damages caused by this project, or derivatives of this project. Use at your own risk.


For contributors: To-Do List



First, you must download and install Node.js:

For all the Windows users who have no clue how to open a Command Prompt terminal/console, open openCommandPrompt.bat.

Install the Bot Code (Required)

After Node.js is installed, run the below command in your console inside this folder. It is required to install important code the script depends on to run, and you can do that easily with the following command:

npm install

Or you can run npminstall.bat if you are on Windows and you have no clue how to get to a console.

Here is the start script:

node index.js [--probeTribe tribeName] [--probeName playerName] [--probeRegex boolean]

See the next section for information on everything after node index.js.


There are two main modes to this bot, probing and botting.

The script only has the probe function now.

NEW: Open start.bat to get an easier to use UI! For people who can't use the command line very well! (Windows only)


--probeTribe searches all servers for any tribes with the given name and returns the IPs so you can use them with --link.

--probeName does almost the same thing as --probeTribe, but searches the leaderboards for a player with the given name.

--probeRegex makes the arguments provided to the 2 previous probe flags be interpreted as a regular expression. Do not use flags in your regular expression. Note that the starting and ending slashes (/) are not required. It is suggested that you surround your search expression in quotation marks so that the terminal doesn't interpret special characters like > as command line operators. Default: false

You can probe (search) for a name on the leaderboard or a tribe on all the public servers. This is useful if you want to raid someone's livestream.

Here is the start script for probing using a tribe name:

node index.js --probeTribe Nebula

This will return a list of server IPs which have the tribe Nebula in them.

Here is the start script for probing using a name on the leaderboard:

node index.js --probeName Lucario

Similar to the other command, this will return a list of server IPs which have the player Lucario on the leaderboard.

Here is an example of regular expression probing:

node index.js --probeName "Luc" --probeRegex true

This will return all servers where someone whose name has the string Luc is on the leaderboard. For example, it will match Luc, Luca, Lucario, and abcLucdef. (But not luc.)

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