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Furtif and Lord-Haji New API
* new protos

* other nedded reqs pokedex count changed to 386

* update deps

* update deps try to fix bug

* update deps try to fix bug .. mised on commit

* revise

* Rl rockecbot

* fix no based packs on feroxrev

* new api

* RL - RocketBot

* base module

* Partial New api 0.95.3 fix

* Disable

* fix eventual box

* typo

* Changes by @TheWizard1328

* Update deps

* base modules
Latest commit 6def54d Apr 16, 2018

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Necrobot2 is now compatible with 0.95.3 API.

Necrobot2 itself is free but now you will need to purchase an API key from Bossland in order to run the bot.
See for pricing for API keys.


Stories in Ready

The contents of this repo are a proof of concept and are for educational use only


  • Electron Web UI App

  • All in One Windows GUI App

  • Console App

Getting Started

Please visit our website to find some tips for setup and running.

Developers and Contributors


To contribute to development, you will need to download and install the required software first.

Cloning Source Code

Next, you need to get the source code. This source code repository uses git submodules. So when you clone the source code, you will need to clone recursively:

git clone --recursive

Or if you already cloned without the recursive option, you can update the submodules by running:

git clone --recursive
cd NecroBot
git submodule update --init --recursive

Third Party Dependencies

NecroBot uses DotNetBrowser, which is a proprietary software. The use of DotNetBrowser is governed by DotNetBrowser Product Licence Agreement If you would like to use DotNetBrowser in your development, please contact TeamDev.


Legal Disclaimer

This Website and Project is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by ANYONE. This is an independent and unofficial project for educational use ONLY. Do not use for any other purpose than education, testing and research.

Using this project for anything other than education, testing or research is not advised.

This is not a public release, just a project with releases for code testers for education and research on any privacy issues for the end user.

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