Scripting language for derps
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Profane was written as a sample code / proof of concept of a language that is

  • ANTLR4 lexed and parsed
  • Transpiled to C#
  • Fed into roslyn C# script engine for execution

This comes with a very simple and limited grammar so the capabilities are pretty limited too. Please look at the Profane.g4 file under Profane.Core project for better understanding.

Sample code in Profane:

derp a = 20 :) #Initialization

# basic if-else 
a > 2 ???
yep -> 
    a = 5 :)

# print
dump a :)

The Profane project comes with a nancy module that accepts code as plain text in a HTTP POST and compiles it. Was built to put up a simple test code page in mind.

Everything .net in Profane is written in .net core