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Check out our quick start guide , documentation , feature videos , ReInvent Talk, and Blog Post .


ConsoleMe is a web service that makes AWS IAM permissions and credential management easier for end-users and cloud administrators.

ConsoleMe provides numerous ways to log in to the AWS Console.

An IAM Self-Service Wizard lets users request IAM permissions in plain English. Cross-account resource policies will be automatically generated, and can be applied with a single click for certain resource types.

Weep (ConsoleMe’s CLI) supports 5 different ways of serving AWS credentials locally.

Cloud administrators can create/clone IAM roles and natively manage IAM roles, users, inline/managed policies, S3 Buckets, SQS queues, and SNS topics across hundreds of accounts in a single interface.

Users can access most of your cloud resources in the AWS Console with a single click. Cloud administrators can configure ConsoleMe to authenticate users through ALB Authentication, OIDC/OAuth2, or SAML.

… And more. Check out our docs to get started.

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