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A user-extendable Slack bot for GitHub organization management.

HubCommander provides a chat-ops means for managing GitHub organizations. It creates a simple way to perform privileged GitHub organization management tasks without granting administrative or owner privileges to your GitHub organization members.

How it works?

HubCommander is based on slackhq/python-rtmbot (currently, dependent on release 0.3.0)

You simply type !help, and the bot will output a list of commands that the bot supports. Typing the name of the command, for example: !CreateRepo, will output help text on how to execute the command.

At a minimum, you will need to have the following:

  • Python 3.5+
  • Slack and Slack credentials
  • A GitHub organization
  • A GitHub bot user with ownership level privileges

A Docker image is also available to help get up and running quickly.


Out of the box, HubCommander has the following GitHub features:

  • Repository creation
  • Repository description and website modification
  • Granting outside collaborators specific permissions to repositories
  • Repository default branch modification

HubCommander also features the ability to:

  • Enable Travis CI on a GitHub repo
  • Safeguard commands with 2FA via Duo

You can add additional commands by creating plugins. For example, you can create a plugin to invite users to your organizations.

Installation Documentation

Please see the documentation here for details.