setup a Kubernetes cluster on Scaleway via terraform
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Kubernetes on Scaleway

this is just an example on how to setup a K8s cluster on @Scaleway via terraform. It's not secured in any way and shouldn't been used in production!

Joe Beda outlined this approach in a PR. I stumbled over this on twitter by a tweet from Steve Sloka


Setting up the K8s cluster requires a recent version of terraform (0.7.7 +) Besides terraform you need a Scaleway account and export SCALEWAY_ACCESS_KEY and SCALEWAY_ORGANIZATION to your ENV.

$ python -c 'import random; print "%0x.%0x" % (random.SystemRandom().getrandbits(3*8), random.SystemRandom().getrandbits(8*8))'
$ terraform plan -var 'k8stoken=<k8stoken>'
$ terraform apply -var 'k8stoken=<k8stoken>'

Terraform will take ~10 minutes to finish. The setup includes the kubernetes-dashboard. You can access it like this:

$ ssh -L 8080:localhost:8080 root@<master_ip>
$ kubectl proxy

Now open http://localhost:8001/ui inside your browser.


Terraform will setup a three node kubernetes cluster, consisting of one master and two workers. All nodes will be VC1S instance types, without additional storage.


  • firewall rules to somehow secure this setup
  • mixed setup of public & private nodes
  • logging
  • metric aggregation