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This package provides Neurotune, a package for optimizing electical models of excitable cells.

This package was originally developed by Mike Vella. This has been updated by Padraig Gleeson and others (and moved to NeuralEnsemble) to continue development of pyelectro and Neurotune for use in OpenWorm, Open Source Brain and other projects

Build Status

Full documentation can be found here.


The following (Python libraries) can be installed using pip, easy_install, or ideally using Anaconda:

Hard dependencies

  • numpy
  • inspyred
  • SciPy

The package pyelectro is also required:

git clone
cd pyelectro
sudo python install

Soft dependencies

Install Neurotune with the following command:

sudo python install

Note: the Travic CI script shows the full set of commands for installation & execution of a number of examples.

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