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Materials and code for the Computation Neuroscience Course at the University of Tartu
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Computational Neuroscience Course

This repository contains materials and codebase for the Computation Neuroscience course at the Institute of Computer Science of University of Tartu.


There will be 6 home works. We highly recommend using conda to make things easier and compact.

  1. Install the propriate miniconda in relation to your operating system
  2. For linux open terminal, Windows users need to open conda terminal.
  3. Execute
conda create -n Py3_ICNS python=3 matplotlib jupyter numpy pandas
  1. Activate the environment
    1. Linux source activate Py3_ICNS
    2. Windows activate Py3_ICNS
  2. Execute jupyter notebook


In 2019 everything will be done in jupyter notebook. To make things easier we suggest using conda, you can install the it from here:

We included Py3_ICNS.yml file in 2019 folder to help you to create a conda envrionment. To import the file use the command below.

conda env create -f Py3_ICNS.yml

Notice: the homeworks are not final until the due time to issue each homework.


Only 5 homeworks. Slight changes in the excersises.


Second run of the course. Changed order of practice sessions, updated exercises.


First version of the course materials


Copyright 2014, Raul Vicente, Ilya Kuzovkin. University of Tartu.

  • Lecture and Practice materials are subject to CC-BY-SA licence.
  • Source code is subject to MIT licence.
  • Libraries and data used are subject to their own licences and copyrights.
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