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  1. sidewalk-map sidewalk-map Public

    A geospatial dataset focusing on walkability and pedestrian access

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  2. RIGIS-submerged-aquatic-vegetation-2012 RIGIS-submerged-aquatic-vegetation-2012 Public

    Polygons of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) were delineated from photo signatures identified on 4-band orthophotography. Ground truthing was done after initial delineations were completed. Groun…

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  3. RIGIS-continually-updated-shoreline-product RIGIS-continually-updated-shoreline-product Public

    These data provide available contemporary high-resolution national shoreline. The Continually Updated Shoreline Product is provided via the National Shoreline Data Explorer application. Shoreline i…

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  4. RIGIS-broadband-availability RIGIS-broadband-availability Public

    Broadband Rhode Island (BBRI), as a participant in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) State Broadband Initiative, has partnered with broadband Internet providers …

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  5. RIGIS-bathymetry RIGIS-bathymetry Public

    This data is bathymetric depth contours for Narragansett Bay and Block Island Sound at twenty foot intervals as depicted on NOAA nautical charts. Bathymetric depth contours for Narragansett Bay and…

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