A security plugin for Cuberite.
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Login is a security plugin for MCServer. It requires a player to log in before they can do any action on the server. This way people can't login on the account of an admin or moderator. This would be particuarly useful for servers that don't use the traditional Minecraft authentication.


If a configuration file doesn't exist yet Login will create one with the default settings. Currently there are 2 things you can configurate

  • Storage: This can be "sqlite" (default). If choosen for sqlite the plugin will save everything in an sqlite database.

  • LoginMessageTime: This is the time in ticks (50 msec) between an "You have to login" message.



Command Permission Description
/changepass login.changepass Change your password
/login login.login Login into the server
/register login.register Register an account
/removeacc login.removeacc Remove an account from the database


Permissions Description Commands Recommended groups
login.changepass Allows a player to change his password. /changepass Default
login.login Allows a player to log in /login Default
login.register Allows a player to create an account for himself. /register Default
login.removeacc Allows a player to remove an account /removeacc Admins