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Atom, RSS and JSON feed parser for Python 3.


Install Atoma with pip:

pip install atoma

Load and parse an Atom XML file:

>>> import atoma
>>> feed = atoma.parse_rss_file('rss-feed.xml')
>>> feed.description
'The blog relating the daily life of web agency developers'
>>> len(feed.items)

Parsing feeds from the Internet is easy as well:

>>> import atoma, requests
>>> response = requests.get('')
>>> feed = atoma.parse_atom_bytes(response.content)
>>> feed.title.value
"Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings"


Security warning

If you use this library to display content from feeds in a web page, you NEED to clean the HTML contained in the feeds to prevent Cross-site scripting (XSS). The bleach library is recommended for cleaning feeds.

Useful Resources

To use this library a basic understanding of feeds is required. For Atom, the Introduction to Atom is a must read. The RFC 4287 can help lift some ambiguities. Finally the feed validator is great to test hand-crafted feeds.

For RSS, the RSS specification and have a ton of information and examples.

For OPML, the OPML specification has a paragraph dedicated to its usage for syndication

Non-implemented Features

Some seldom used features are not implemented:

  • XML signature and encryption
  • Some Atom and RSS extensions
  • Atom content other than text, html and xhtml



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