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s1782662 commented Dec 12, 2019

I have gone through Website Watcher, which facilitates in alerting me if there is any update on a particular website. The update can be adding or deleting or modifying the article etc.

I don't want to extract or scrape the content. Instead, I wish to be notified saying something has been updated. I have gone through the examples, however i couldn't understand it. I wanted to know if this scenar

kour1er commented Nov 27, 2019

The documentation mentions that handleConfigureAction() is called when a user loads the extension management panel.

This doesn't always appear to be the case (unless I'm missing something obvious :). For example, in the Custom CSS extension, if I add something to the "Additional CSS rules" text area, click submit, the click to the left to dismiss the panel, then click the manage button again, t

karudonaldson commented Jul 4, 2017

I'm using this in the html:
jQuery(function($) { $("#rss-feeds").rss("", { entryTemplate:'<li><h3>{title}</h3><span class="date">{date}</span><br/>{teaserImage}<br/>{bodyPlain}</li>' }) })
Surely theres an easy check to remove this?

Want to back this issue? **[Post a bounty on it!](https://

ertrzyiks commented Dec 15, 2019

I have a post content written in markdown like this

This is a first line of text
then I start a new line of text.

When rss2 file is created the content:encoded contains:

This is a first line of textthen I start a new line of text.

Note missing space between the first and the second line.

In my case I fixed it by using a custom template that instead of

thomas-gt commented Mar 22, 2018

Enhancement request :
Beeing able to disable "All Read" feature (or at least to get confirmation before proceeding) would be great.
This button is very close to next one ("All / Not Read") and sometimes undesired click on it immediately lead to loss of all unread posts (specific feed or all).

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