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This project is my attempt at recreating the look of the Google homepage minus functionality.

The following skills I have demonstrated in this project:

The ability to improvise with very minimal devtool usage

Pushing changes through a VM Linux box with the command line, showing skill in proper github workflow

The desire to learn more and improve

Summary: It's not exactly how I want it, but they are results I can be content with. I know that I will learn more as I go throughout the project, and that one day I'll look back on this and smile at how far I've come. I really, really tried to not use devtools as much as possible, aside from getting a color value or such. As a result, it doesn't look as much like the Google page as it could, but it was more to challenge myself to improvise and work with what I can. In the future I'm sure I'll learn the proper CSS properties and best practices for better positioning and structure. This was fun to make, and I'm eager to improve by learning best practices and a lot more!

From The Odin Project's Web Development 101 course (

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