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The PBC Go Wrapper Build Status GoDoc

Package pbc provides structures for building pairing-based cryptosystems. It is a wrapper around the Pairing-Based Cryptography (PBC) Library authored by Ben Lynn (

This wrapper provides access to all PBC functions. It supports generation of various types of elliptic curves and pairings, element initialization, I/O, and arithmetic. These features can be used to quickly build pairing-based or conventional cryptosystems.

The PBC library is designed to be extremely fast. Internally, it uses GMP for arbitrary-precision arithmetic. It also includes a wide variety of optimizations that make pairing-based cryptography highly efficient. To improve performance, PBC does not perform type checking to ensure that operations actually make sense. The Go wrapper provides the ability to add compatibility checks to most operations, or to use unchecked elements to maximize performance.

Since this library provides low-level access to pairing primitives, it is very easy to accidentally construct insecure systems. This library is intended to be used by cryptographers or to implement well-analyzed cryptosystems.


  • 5 different pairing types
  • Pairing generation
  • Parameter export and import
  • Element type checking
  • Fast element arithmetic and pairing
  • Element randomization
  • Element export and import
  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Integration with fmt
  • Integration with math/big


This package must be compiled using cgo. It also requires the installation of GMP and PBC. During the build process, this package will attempt to include gmp.h and pbc/pbc.h, and then dynamically link to GMP and PBC. Installation on Windows requires the use of MinGW.


For additional installation instructions and documentation, see


Pairing-based cryptography for Go




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